On the field of rail systems we offer consulting services on the following topics:

Speed profile calculations

One of our services is speed profile calculations for the determination of travel time and energy consumption of trains. Thereby different aspects can be examined in detail ranging from pure travel time calculation to detailed determination of different energies (e.g. the braking energies of different brake systems) up to the optimization of the driving style and minimization of the energy consumption.

Our aim is to meet the specific requests of our customers in the best way possible and to provide solutions to even very individual problems.

Simulation systems

We support our customers when developing their own simulation systems. Our own simulation system TEAM (Train Engineering And Modelling) with very complex speed profile calculation modules is available as platform. Customized models can be easily integrated into the open architecture of TEAM.

If we can give you support on any of the topics mentioned above, don't hesitate to contact us!

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