Railway systems

Our comprehensive simulation systems cover a wide variety of topics in the area of rail system technology: They range from pure driving dynamic calculations to the determination of power requirement of vehicles, from the use of energy storage devices to the implementation of energy-optimal driving styles.

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With our software TEAM (Train Engineering And Modelling) we provide a product that was specifically developed for the simulation and calculation of traction systems. It supports your efforts to solve the various problems when designing and operating traction systems. In order to examine the characteristics of a vehicle in operation, apart from classical travel time determination, for example energy requirement calculations can be executed. Also track-dependent peaks in the energy consumption of a railway system can be pointed out.

On-board computer

The itc-systems (intelligent traction control) helps finding an energy-optimised driving style by use of a board computer system. To save the largest amount of energy possible, available time reserves are progressivly used up, taking into consideration the topology of the track, the losses of the power car, the mass of the train and the rolling-resistance. Keeping the train on-time however maintains highest priority. The itc-method combines track-data, vehicle mass, time and timetable with information about the current position and calculates on-line instructions for minimal energy consumption. These instructions can be advised as recommendation to the locomotive driver via display or be affected directly to the vehicle control system.

Our extensive knowledge about railway systems and our experiences in the development of simulation systems for the loss and energy consumption calculation of track systems put us into the position to offer our customers solutions which will be adapted to the special request of their individual problems.


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